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Meet the Man Behind One of the Best Books on Roulette Strategy

Now a well-known Speaker, CEO, and Founder of InsurTech Express, Kenneth Richard Leibow grew up in South Jersey near the shore of the Atlantic City.

He concluded his formal education in New Jersey. He secured a business degree soon after joining the Life Insurance Technology industry and has served since 1987.

Ken has had many triumphant moments in his life. With years of experience, he played a strategic leadership role for Fortune 500 Companies like Mutual of Omaha and Oracle Corporation.

Ken has been a man of great insight and fortune. He knows the art of creating marvels from scratch and awarding them with their due recognition. He is widely known for developing the largest Life & Annuity insurance data exchange hub, which processes over 1 million new policies annually. Currently, Ken serves as the CEO and Founder of InsurTech Express.

With his intensive knowledge of Roulette, he introduced the best mathematical roulette strategy book to help players achieve positive outcomes. Today, it is one of the best casino gambling books.

He has been married to a medical doctor from Costa Rica for 34 years, and they have two children.

The Feathers in Kenny’s Hat

There are countless feathers under Ken’s hat. He has been many prestigious awards, including the NAILBA Chairman’s Award, NAILBA ID20 Trailblazer Award, several ACORD Leadership Awards, ACORD 50th Anniversary Award, and the LIDMA Innovation Award in 2022.